Sunday, April 22, 2007

Long reining begins

We've now been long reining around the field for, I think, the last week or so. At first, we were both equally knackered by the time we'd done a few circuits (it's a 10 acre/4 hectare field with plenty of slopes). Now it's just me that's knackered and Lutine's fine! She seems to be really well in herself and is coming on brilliantly. I think I may have to start riding her around the field soon instead of long lining because I can't keep up with her! She's getting fit far quicker than I am. I guess it's a bit tougher for me at the moment because we're growing our hay crop in this field and so the grass is really, really long - it's great exercise because it's like walking through water! I think that it's also good for her psychologically because it's helping her to become more confident and independent, encouraging her to stride out ahead of me without needing me right up at her shoulder. Yesterday evening, we long reined all the way back up the lane at the side of our field, back through the garden gate and stopped in front of the house.


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