Friday, May 04, 2007

Lutine Goes Walk-About

This is just one of those milestones - and maybe it's seems a little mundane but I just think it's so significant. We've started long reining out on the lanes around us - and Lutine is striding out perfectly, even breaking into a trot regularly of her own accord.

But she's doing it all without hoof boots!

Today we long reined out for about 40 mins up and down the hills around us. She didn't put a hoof wrong, didn't gimp a single step and she strode out like a good 'un all the way, ears pricked! We last long reined out on the lanes the day before yesterday and there were absolutely no ill effects afterwards. Today she arrived home as happy on her feet as she left and, when I looked at her feet, there was actually very little wear to them! (So much for getting a council trim in...)

Here's she is - gazing in the direction of home and her pasture buddies where we stopped for her to have a nibble of grass.


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