Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exit Stage Left!

This was quite funny really. I'd long lined Lutine around the field and then attempted to get on her to ride whilst she was looking and feeling rather keyed up. There was a storm approaching, the wind was getting up and Lutine was watching her herd mates tuck themselves under the hedge. I sat on her - she felt like an unexploded bomb and started hopping and shaking her head as soon as my backside hit the saddle - so I decided to practice my emergency dismount procedure and avoid a show down. My husband was just in the process of taking a photo of me sat there when I suddenly disappeared off the side!
I need to take into account the fact that, although she's just turned 8 now, she has the education level of a newly started horse and probably has less than 50 hours riding 'on the clock'. No point getting into an argument because I'm hell bent on riding her no matter what and too proud to simply get off if she doesn't feel happy.
Just after my emergency dismount, the heavens opened and it chucked it down with rain as the squall blew in. Lutine had been right that riding wasn't a good idea, afterall.


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