Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Creeping Crud

The vet came today to do Lutine's first lot of acupuncture. The crud has started to look better over the last week anyway - see the photos. However, as the vet was doing the acupuncture, I noticed that there was a patch of funny scabbiness/dandruff over her chest muscle too. Apparently there's a bunch of lymph tissue in this area so perhaps it's come from something exiting the lymph nodes via the skin. The vet had a look but didn't comment much on it. What he did say was that 'it' is on the move - the outward appearance had changed but also the reactive meridians were different this week.

Anyway, he put in a needle on the front of each coronet band in between the 11 o clock and 1 o clock points, on all four feet. Then he put a needle in the governing vessel meridian on the point just after the withers on the way up towards the ears. She also had two needles on the inside of each hind leg, half way up the thigh. The vet also did a bit of cranial osteopathy on her pelvic/sacral region.

It was quite strange at one point - he put the needle in on one side and she hiked up her hind leg on the opposite side and her 'jumper's bump' - prominent sacrum - suddenly smoothed out, making a nice round rump for once...

OK, so the vet says to keep an eye on how things change - look for changes in behaviour, any changes in the skin or other signs and he's coming back in 15 days for another session with her.

Keeping fingers crossed!


Blogger Muriel said...

How bizarre! Linda had the same scaby skin at the same place, before her lymphangitis.

Myabe soemthing got her in her body. The week before I let her graze lucerne from bridleway next to the cultivated field.

Could it have triggered a reaction?

Does Lutine have any lucerne or new Plant? I guess the weather changes might be there too.

This is SO weird!!

5:08 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Ah, that's really interesting Muriel. I've been in touch with a biochemist in the USA recently who argues that lucerne has compounds that are disruptive to the metabolism and to not feed it expressly to horses. Certainly, since cutting out the lucerne in Lutine's diet, her legs have started to get better. However, the sun has not been as strong either.

I know that Crystal used to get photosensitivity in the form of scabby breakouts on her one white sock if she grazed clover in the field. She was never reactive to Lucerne though...

There was a milder patch of scabbiness on the other pectoral muscle yesterday too. I think these must be signs of the horses trying to clear things out of the lymph system.

The good news is that Lutine seems to have been more energetic and free moving since the acupuncture from the vet on Wednesday. :-)

2:29 PM  

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