Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're off the lead rein. :-)

The first few hacks I had with Lutine, my husband has walked beside us and kept a long-ish lead rein on us, just as a safety net. This was for a few reasons: it's not ideal to take a young, green horse out on the roads, even very quiet roads, on its own - would be much better with an older, steady horse as nanny; plus Lutine has a cow phobia that already caused one accident with my other horse and she's been nervous about being on the lanes ever since that car hit us just before New Year. But OK, I will admit - since getting hit by the car whilst walking her out, my confidence took a bit of a rattle too. So the lead rein was my psychological safety net. But on our little hacks we'd had some spooking and the odd bit of jogging and jumping about but she remained well under control and my husband said he was leaving slack in the lead rope all the time, so it was her rider she was listening to.

We did our hack out last night without the lead rope though my husband came along on his bicycle. Even having the bike there seems to help these young horses get a little bit of confidence and having my husband there seems to encourage the drivers to slow down for the horse. They take more notice of him than they ever did of me! (blimmin' chauvenists!) Just after the place on our lane where we were hit in December, another car came down the hill with a clanky trailer attached. Both of us were feeling tense - but we were in luck. It was a neighbour of ours who was very obliging and stopped the car while I turned Lutine, walked her back past the trailer and then proceeded to follow him down the hill. And bless her, she really did hold herself together and listen to me.

So another little step - we're off the lead rein and recovering our confidence.


Blogger Muriel said...

Well Done Wendy.
I would have had my self-confidence knocked over, if I had been hit by a car. Honestly !!!
I did not know they were so unconsiderate in Midi-Pyrénée. It sounds like Italy LOL !

So when is your first endurance race !!!
If you lunge Lutine everyday and ride her three time a week you should be ready very quickly for your first 20 km! you just need to make sure you have some brakes.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Muriel said...

I do not know if you know but here is my blog ;-)


7:32 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Hi Muriel,

Thanks for your messages and I will enjoy having a look at Princess Linda's blog!

I will have to take things very slow and steady with Lutine. With the EPSM, there is the real possibility that Lutine would not cope with endurance riding because it affects the muscles and metabolism. Plus, her internal hoof structures are still pretty weak. So the best exercise for us now is to do lots of walking in straight lines, which will help to rebuild her feet from the inside.

But - truly I am happy even if we get no further forward than this little bit of light hacking. Considering she was going to be euthanised within days of me going to see her, and all we've been through, I'm just glad for her to be a happy horse.

11:56 PM  

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