Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our First Hack Out!

And we're off! I have been long lining Lutine in the field and around the lanes and also having little rides in the field. She's just been feeling so well and strong - you really get a sense of her carrying you now whereas when we first got on her last September, she just felt that little bit weak and I wasn't happy carrying on. Anyway, along with my husband I walked her down to the bottom of the valley, past the neighbouring farm and then rode her home. Just a little 15 minute ride home but she felt so great and was keenly striding out and offering the trot all the way home. The ideal way with such a green horse would be to take her out in the company of other, more experienced horses but we don't have that facility at the moment. When we get a trailer big enough to take Lutine, we'll start trailering her over to our local riding centres and go on some organised rides.

But, you can see how absolutely wonderful this felt by the GREAT BIG grin on my face!!!

More gratuitous pics of our little hack below:


Blogger Muriel said...

Great pics!!!
You will soon be running your first endurance race. I have the feeling that Lutine will thrive on it !!!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Hi Muriel!

Good to hear from you.

I think we would both thrive on it - it's nice to have dreams! ;-)

7:42 PM  

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