Friday, November 30, 2007

More EPSM thoughts

We've been having some consistently low temperatures overnight, coupled with clear skies. Still, it's not been all that frosty - down to 2 oC or 3 oC. However I thought Lutine was looking really quite stiff in a morning and she had started hiking her hind legs again, just every so often. That's a bit of a giveaway EPSM indicator for her. The other thing she'd been doing is consistently standing next to our round pen with her butt up the slope - I'd noticed it and thought 'why are you doing that?' but didn't have many thoughts about what it could be about.

Anyway, I reckoned the cold was probably not so good for the large superficial muscles of a horse with EPSM so I have started rugging her overnight if the temperature is going to go below 5oC. It's a bit tricky though as, even though she's so think skinned and has a fine winter coat, she will get too warm under her rug if it's not below 5oC and then she starts getting damp. So I tend to have to go out at about midnight and pop a rug on her and then take it off before 9.30am maximum. It does do the trick though - she's far more supple and active in a morning if she's stayed snug overnight.

The other things fell into place as I was reading the Rural Heritage website forum, where Dr Beth Valentine answers a lot of questions regarding EPSM horses. There were several other messages recently from EPSM-horse owners with similar signs to Lutine's. Dr Beth noted that EPSM horses can require up to 20% additional oil over the winter to keep them loose and they do better being kept warm, even if that means bringing them indoors and therefore restricting exercise, which is not usually recommended. Glad that I can keep her warm enough just with rugging, it would seem. Someone else was also pointing out that their horse was standing with their butt uphill and Dr Beth commented that it's a favourite way for them to relieve some weight off their hind end. So there we have it. I have duly increased her oil and noted the requirement for warmth.

The forum for Rural Heritage can be found here

A lot of the threads also demonstrated that regular, structured exercise, as opposed to turnout, was vital, so we've started long reining around the field again. Our lanes are too dangerous for us to go out on our own, so we will stick to the field during the week and then hack out of a weekend when my husband is around to come with us, glare at drivers etc.


Blogger Muriel said...

Gosh Wendy going out at midnight for changing rug!!! Are you not doing too much? Take care of yourself too!!!
You are such dedicated owner!!!
Your herd is a lucky lot!

O/T my laptop died and I have lost your email address, would you mind to send me an email and I will ask you advise about ... carot ^-^

10:31 AM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Hi Muriel,

The horses are just outside my door so it only takes me 10 or 15 minutes at night to pop out, give a last feed and do rugs etc. I'm a bit of an insomniac anyway so midnight is not so late for me. Hahaha

I will send you an email ;-)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Muriel said...

I got your email, I replied saturday.

If you have got nothing I will try again.

Maybe wanadoo thinks I am junk mail :-)

7:22 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Hi Muriel

No emails have arrived in my inbox or in my spam killer so perhaps the pc has eaten them somewhere else.

I pm'd another email address to you via EE.


10:36 PM  

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