Friday, November 16, 2007

Holistic Therapy Time

Seems like we're getting through quite a few holistic therapies for Lutine at the moment. She's still having Gloria Garland's ERU Maintenance mixture (from and her eyes are looking absolutely great. There's not been any further deterioration in her eyes in the last few months and the vet had a look in them yesterday and said 'well, she's going to struggle to read the newspaper but other than that, the damage seems limited to the scarring she had previously'. Also, the white/blue scar on the right eye has faded almost to nothing so I am really keeping my fingers crossed that we can hold off major damage to her eyes and any more loss of vision. She doesn't seem to struggle too much with vision except for finding her bucket of food in the dark; overall she got off pretty lightly with the uveitis.
The vet came yesterday and did her second lot of acupuncture. He inserted 5 needles in total, two on her front left leg, two in her lumbar area and one on the right hind in the outside of the hock. He also did a bit of osteopathic manipulation on her back legs, pelvis and sacroiliac area. For some reason, every time he's done some acupuncture on her she then goes down in the field and has a bit of a trot and canter about. It's as though she's trying her body out and seeing whether anything feels different. The vet also asked what our riding programme was and agreed that she does need to be in regular light work to help her to progress; I'm always rather relieved when the vet confirms what we're doing. I don't always agree with vets but I don't rule them out completely!

You can see from the photos that the creeping crud has all but gone now too. I cut out alfalfa from her diet totally and the weather has been dry and very sunny (though cold) but the crud has been healing all on its own. No need for any creams or lotions or any other treatment. It's gradually sloughing off revealing new hair growth underneath. The purple looking stuff on her legs is actually elderberry juice from some elder bushes she'd just walked through. I may well still get some sun covers for her white legs for next summer just to avoid this problem coming back again.

Also a couple of weeks ago, we had another friend who is quite 'spiritual' in her approach come over and do some crystal therapy with Lutine. This friend is also a cranio sacral therapist and so it was interesting to hear what she had to say about Lutine, including that she felt as though she'd had an injury to her cruciate ligaments in her knee on the front left leg. I showed my friend the scar on Lutine's front left leg and the scar on her forehead under her forelock that gives the impression that she's had a fall. Our friend also felt as though the healing process was just waiting to start with Lutine.

Finally, a week ago we had a visit from a friend who is a trained Classical Homeopath and she recommended a homeopathic remedy to Lutine for me (Silicea 200c). This one was recommended as it is suited for getting rid of scar tissues in the body, for the ill effects of vaccination (I think over-vaccination has a role to play in Lutine's chronic illness), because it has an affinity for healing all kinds of tissues and because Lutine is, apparently, a typical 'Silica' person: sensitive, tall, long legged, silky hair. I found it a really interesting process to go through all the questions with our friend. The homeopathic remedy arrived yesterday and so she had her first dose then. With the 200c, we only have to repeat the dosage every month though! So I will be very interested to see how all this goes.


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