Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Osteopath results

It's so interesting to have someone else to talk to about Lutine! Anyway, the osteopath came and did an evaluation and then some movements to help Lutine. She noted that her neck was much freer and had not regained the 'lesions' (dunno the appropriate term in English for this) from before but she noted that the pelvis was more forward on her left side than her right side and hence wasn't fully mobile and wasn't being used symmetrically. This fits with the issues she has had in canter where on one rein she uses both hinds together rather than stepping under with the leading hind and supporting herself on it. Also it had caused an irritation at L6, which in turn was irritating the sciatic nerve. This potentially explains the 'shivers' type leg-hiking Lutine sometimes has on that left hind leg and the reason why she struggles to hold it up for the farrier. Finally, there were a couple of niggles along the dorsal vertebrae. Again, the blockage at D10 on the left side fits with the little hop she makes in the trot transition on that side. But it was so interesting to see her do proper carrot stretches all the way round towards her flanks. I never thought I would see her neck so flexible!

So the programme is now 3 days of rest followed by 8 days with lots of walking, up and down hills especially then a return to work but with lots of straight lines to allow her the opportunity to regain strength and symmetry in the left hind leg.

Photos show her visit paper from March 06 and today.

March 06 (two months after arriving here)



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