Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mud-Ex seems to have worked

When I dicovered the little patch of mud fever on Lutine's leg a few months ago, I got some Mud-Ex herbal mix off Global Herbs to start mixing into her feed. Our horrendous weather has continued - it's definitely the wettest winter for a long, long time as even our farming neighbours are commenting and shaking their heads. So Lutine's paddock is wet, wet, wet. She has the large barn to come under and I've given the horses the biggest deep straw bed I can muster under there so they do have a place that's dry and warm to go, but still they have to go into the mud every day. This meant that trying to tackle the mud fever from the inside was even more important.

Well, the Mud-Ex seems to have worked because she no longer has any mud fever! I suppose it could also be down to the intervention of my acupuncture vet. At the beginning of December, Lutine's leg became swollen owing to the mud fever (Swelly Nelly strikes again) and so my vet treated Lutine with acupuncture for her swollen leg and for the underlying issue that was related to the mud fever. And now it's all gone and hasn't come back...

The Mud-Ex powder stinks so I mix it into her feed and then sprinkle a good dose of Top Spec Dr Green supplement on it. This supplement is to 'tempt fussy feeders' - Lutine's not really fussy but even I'd balk at eating this stinky herb stuff! Plus, it has plenty of B vits and probiotics to help her immune system along.

Whatever the reason for the mud fever clearing up, I'm thankful and grateful to see the back of it!


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