Friday, June 06, 2008

New Homeopathy Prescription

Chris Day, a UK Holistic Vet, has reviewed Lutine's case and has prescribed her some homeopathy so we've just started that today and will see how it goes. I do find homeopathy interesting. It's one of life's illusive phenomenon, for a start, and my scientific head doesn't quite get it... but that doesn't mean I have to discount it either. Primarily, I don't discount it because I've had some quite astonishing 'well, would you look at that!?!' moments with homeopathy, where acute symptoms just totally disappear within 3 doses when they're issues that generally take several days to sort. The other major aspects for me are that homeopathy is very safe so where you get a remedy wrong, you're highly unlikely to provoke dangerous side effects or cause an overdose and also, it's very cost effective. The major cost is for the intial consultation, which is no more than a regular vet consultation anyway, and then the remedies cost very little.

Lutine's new prescription is phosphorous 30c once a day and rhus tox 30c once a day. What I found interesting was that the list of conditions and features of the remedy fit the picture so comprehensively but more than that, there were things that suddenly made me think 'oh my goodness! Yes! that's true about her too!' i.e. things that I hadn't mentioned because I'd forgotten and yet there they were, in the remedy picture too.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how she gets on.


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