Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Equine Sports Masseur starts coming

And I forgot to take photos at Lutine's first session!

I have a friend who is just about to qualify as an Equine Sports Masseur (sp??) and she was looking for case studies for her final exams so I volunteered Lutine. Typically, this friend is about to move back to the UK and then open a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation yard but at least she'll be able to give Lutine 5 or 6 sessions of Equine Sports Massage before she leaves. I had the vet out to see Lutine a few weeks ago when I thought she'd tied up and he said 'there's nothing really wrong with her that I can see except that she's all 'unpacked' from not having worked properly for so long and she needs rebuilding right from the start. Expect that she's going to have times when she's stiff and sore but you're going to have to work her through it an extent'. Hence the opportunity to get several sessions of ESM for her have been a God send and should be really helpful.

At the first session, my friend basically said that Lutine was stiff laterally in her neck and was also stiff in her hind quarters. Not much wrong with her back as such - but then, she's hardly ever been ridden. I noticed that Lutine seemed a little stiff and sore after her session yesterday. She looked like I do the morning after an aerobics session! But today she's moving more freely again and I noticed that she's landing better than usual on her front hooves.

My friend is coming back next Tuesday so I'll take some photos and post them.


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