Friday, January 25, 2008

Couple of good articles for navicular and pelvic misalignment

Sorry, you'll have to cut and paste 'em.

The first is on navicular:

But then there's a link to pelvic misalignment, which the osteopath found on both visits with Lutine:

Interesting in that it says the pelvic misalignment is often on the opposite diagonal to the affected 'navicular' foot. In the old vet report I have in her passport, the limb being examined and X rayed is the front right leg - so that fits. However, that foot doesn't actually cause her any trouble any more! If anything, it's her front left foot that has niggled her. But, given the first osteopathic evaluation that showed all the stiffness/blockages in that whole leg, plus the lesion at D10 on that side this time, could it be that we're dealing with residual issues to do with her compensating somehow? Interesting thought...

As for a brief update - well, she's still on her 3 day rest period but for sure, I'm finding her stood square at the back now much more often and she's even been resting the left hind leg (was almost always one hind foot further forward than the other or resting right hind). I also think that she's holding her tail higher when she walks, which I hadn't expected as it was never held to one side which is the most often quoted indicator.


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