Monday, January 28, 2008

That 4 letter word beginning with W...

I made the mistake of uttering that 4 letter word-that-should-never-be-spoken within Lutine's earshot


And what should I find on Saturday? A horse limping about with either a stone bruise (in other words, self inflicted and probably intentional!!) or an abscess. I could kick myself for being silly enough to actually PLAN to do something with her on the Sunday. Anyway, one of the other horses was picking on her and this was just going to aggravate the sore foot so I've put her in the round pen on the flat sand base. She's getting better, bit by bit, though if she spots me watching her I'm convinced she gimps about just a bit more than necessary. And then her back left leg started swelling in sympathy - just for good measure.

Luckily, I had an order of Global Herbs in today so had some stuff at hand to give to her (Restore plus Lymph Blend). I'm getting so used to her now and, by hook or by crook, that horse is going to get to W-o-R-k soon!!


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