Sunday, May 11, 2008

The View from Up Top

Had another bouncy and somewhat argumentative ride out with Lutine. It was our most demanding hack out yet where we tackled several big ascents and descents and she was still powering away and just about settled on the last 500m home. Not quite as sweaty this time, though there was a heck of a wind blowing. The strong breeze seems to be a permanent feature of where we live this year, for some reason. She still feels very strong and sound and though she's sweaty, it has to be said it's pretty humid and warm so not entirely surprising. I did write to Beth Valentine about this a few weeks ago and she said,

"I would not worry about the sweating since she is otherwise doing so well. It is when horses stop sweating that we worry! Sweating helps her to cool, and as she builds muscle and exercises more she’ll create more heat during exercise. So, that may explain the increase in sweating, which should then be considered a very good thing!

Beth V"

So alongside the fact that she's so well and that she exercising fairly energetically, it's not something to worry about. Obviously, I'm watching her like a hawk for any signs of being sore and stiff. But she's not puffing abnormally or showing signs of running out of energy - in fact, she's got lots of energy in the tank. Research by Dr Stephanie Valburg recently concluded that exercise was even more important to EPSM horses than oil supplementation so all I can do is keep feeling our way forward and trying to listen to Lutine. She was less nappy tonight and much more happy to follow my hubby and the children on their bicycles and I actually got her to stand still and wait at the top of a long hill while they made their way up. This is usually my long canter hill where my other horse and I used to have a gallop and Lutine totally powered up it tonight in trot.


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