Monday, April 28, 2008

Please keep your fingers crossed for Lutine!

What a worry. We had another attack of the Swelly Nellies by the time I came home on Saturday afternoon. I gave her some homeopathic Apis Mel and some Lymph Blend in her food and by Sunday morning it was still fat in the lower cannon and pastern and sore too but she wasn't lame on it. Carried on with the Apis and by Sunday afternoon it had stabilised so I decided to take her for a walk to get the circulation going. By the time I came back the swelling had reduced considerably but it became apparent that there was a swelling to the back of the leg in the tendon area............. AAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!! It's not a large swelling but it's sore and it's distinctly in the area of the middle of the superficial flexor tendon. I've put cold gel wrap on it under a bandage, given more lymph blend, diuretic herbs and MSM plus continued on the Apis. So I will have another look at it at the end of the afternoon and maybe get the vet out tomorrow.

I'm really hoping it's just some swelling from her regular lymphangitis problem and not a ruddy tendon injury.

You've no idea how blinking fed up I'm feeling. :-(


Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh dear, hope it's continuing to come down.

She's got you running around quite a bit right now... but for sure this is just a temporary blip on her road to complete recovery.

Fingers firmly crossed.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Thanks Steph. The bump has come down a lot during today. I cold hosed and bandaged and then gave Apis Mel 200c as per my homeopathy for horses book. Had one of those 'well, would ya look at that!' moments with the homeopathy. After 2/3/ hours with the bandage on, I took it off to remove the cooling gel pad and the leg was a bit better but there was still quite a bump on the tendon and she still had a fat ankle. Gave her the Apis 200c and came back another 3 hours later to check it and reset the bandage and the swelling was about 70% down. Another dose of Apis and then this evening the leg looks almost normal but with some mild fetlock puffiness and just a hint of a bulge in the tendon. But I have put her in a flat part of the paddock and have cold hosed again and am just keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I'm funny about the homeopathy - one side of my brain doesn't quite 100% believe it but I carry on using it because on a very regular basis you get these weirdly rapid improvements! And then the other side of my brain is just reading The Elegant Universe, a book on physics, and it really causes you to rethink the realms of possibility (e.g. like there being 14 dimensions, not just 4. Huh??) Phew - from tendons to 14 dimensions... Must go get some sleep!

Thanks for the crossed digits. ;-)

1:11 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

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10:01 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

That's a relief. So hard to know whether homeopathy's working or the cold hosing and wrapping is doing it alone... but if it's cheap... (probably isn't, but still...)

14 dimensions? Good thing you're only reading that tosh with just one half of your brain. You wanna keep the other half clear of such nonsense, for example when talking to the vet you wanna avoid suggesting you see how she fares in the eleventh dimension 'cos you heard tendons do well over there...

10:04 AM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

LOL It's good bedtime reading. Taxes my brain and sends me to sleep. I think it's the record holder for 'Book that's Taken the Longest Time for Me to Read' - even longer than Lord of the Rings, which took me ages!

Anyway, Lola's puffy leg and tendon continue to improve. I could see a tiny amount of fluid still over that rear portion of her leg this morning so it was cold hosed again and I've slapped some Ice Tight clay stuff on it.

I phoned my ex-eventing neighbour last night and asked for her experience on tendons and she came over this morning, Ice Tight in her arms and instructed me to slap some on for 12 hours. But having had a look and a prod, she thinks it's just some fluid from Lutine having "knocked herself" somehow. But as she said, she ain't a vet and it's better to be conservative and treat as though it could be a slight tendon issue, keep hosing, cooling and resting for the next few days and then review.

11:12 AM  

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