Monday, May 05, 2008

Feeling Really Good Again

Took Lutine out for a hack last night and she felt really well. Did a fair amount of trotting on the road (she had boots on all round) and she just felt totally sound and so powerful. Bot oh my! She really doesn't 'do' cows. Our neighbour has put his cows back out in their fields, complete with a bull who insisted on following us next to the fence whilst bellowing and roaring loudly and Lutine FREAKED! I was leading her past them on the way out and she was a lunatic, absolutely frantic. I got on after we'd passed them and she was fine though she insisted on trotting away from them smartly for 200m after I'd mounted. Then when we came back and got to the same spot, she absolutely threw her toys out of the pram and flatly refused to go past them, to the point where we had some fairly interesting shennanigans including her crouching right down and saying 'I'm going to leap right into the air you know!!!!!!!' Sigh..... so we had to double back and take the long route home where there are no cows but there was a big steep hill to climb and it took an extra 3km or so. She was totally lathered in sweat when we got home so I walked her round while she cooled off and then popped her thermatex cooler on until she dried off. Then I took her a feed with oil in it about an hour later and tucked her up in front of a bail of hay.

This morning she seems right as rain and not at all stiff or sore so that's a very good sign.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh boy, I don't "do" horses crouching right down threatening to leap into the air!!! Glad it wasn't me coping with her, then.

I did have a pony who resolutely didn't "do" pigs... until she went to livery on a pig farm that also did a couple of ponies at grass.

This thing with Lutine and cows is for real, eh?

Fair do's, I'm just so thrilled she was up to such a long hack!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Lulu's friend said...

Yup, it seems like it's a 'for real' phobia of hers. She was OK during the winter when the neighbours' cows were in barns but she has a head fit now that they're out in the fields. And, of course, they're naturally curious of what this bouncing, prancing ginger nutcase is outside their field and come trotting over to have a look. Cue threats to chuck herself in the ditch and/or leap in the air. LOL I've had worse though - she's not been trying to get me off and it's safer to be on her when she starts than it is to be leading her. Ideally, I need another very steady horse to accompany us when we hack out. There's a new Haras/Ferme Equestre just opened the other side of the village so I might be able to persuade them to come over to us and for us to hack out with them for part of the way (for a price, of course). We even debated getting a cow last year but to be honest, I think her phobia's bad enough that she would just be traumatised if I put a cow in the field next to her. And then she'd probably do herself a mischief. But the good thing was that we found this other little path a few weeks ago, which means I can access the lanes on the other side of the valley without passing the various neighbours' cows.

And yes, I was delighted that she withstood such an energetic hack!

5:51 PM  

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