Thursday, January 31, 2008


Took Lutine for a walk down the little stony lane that runs along the side of our property. She was wearing her boots all round and I've now put the firmer red comfort pads in too see if they offer a bit more support. The medium density black ones had totally squashed down whereas the red ones are resisting very well. I think that she's really quite a big horse - must be around 525kg+ now - plus she's tall at 167cm/16.3hh and the medium density pads were just not offering enough support and comfort.

Well! Lutine absolutely stomped down the lane with the biggest, most swinging stride I've ever seen her do and what was even better was that she's all but stopped doing that funny hop-into-trot transition. The osteo had commented that this was related to the D10 and D18 osteopathic lesions but I'd not been completely sure. It seems she was right!


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