Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gimpy foot is almost better

I went away with work for a day and a half and Lutine was left in the sand round pen with hay and water during that time (of course, the rest of my family were here so she was being looked after and fed as normal). As I came back, I could see immediately that she was much better. No limping as such, just the slightest lift of the head as her foot went down. I put her Easyboots on her front feet and went to put her back in the normal paddock but she decided to have a hoon about and was trotting and cantering about taking big long strides, again with only the slightest indication from her head carriage that she wasn't fully weighting the front foot. I think now she must have just bruised her foot and this was being aggravated by not being allowed to rest it properly.

This is a good sign though - she recovered this time after just a couple of days' rest. I remember when it used to take two weeks for her to get over a set back. I am going to put her boots on all 4 feet later and just take her for a walk down the lane, see how she gets on.


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